Sunday, 29 January 2012

Kroketten, a Dutch speciality

the roux
When living abroad there are things in life food wise that you can miss from time to time. For us, yes even Darren and Fleur like them, it's a 'Kroket'.  Thank you Natascha and Pepijn who own a hotel in Germany Haus am Berg for sharing their recipe.

You will get about 20 Kroketten out of this amount. They freeze easily.
Meat + parsley mixture

Shopping list:

1 kg Beef (not the highest quality)
3 Cubes for stock (meat)
3 Laurel leafs
5 Table spoons of fresh parsley
100 gr Real butter
100 gr Flour
3 Eggs
200 gr Breadcrumbs
Pepper, Salt and Nutmeg according to taste
Oil for the fryer

And now the hard work!

Cut the meat in small junks
Bring 1.2 ltr water with the cube, laurel and the meat to boil.
Lower the heat and let the meat get cooked, this will take about 1 hour.
Cut the parsley (I did it in the small kitchen machine)
Seave the stock, you need about 6 dl (Keep some extra if needed later)
Get the meat out of the pan and cut it very fine (I've used the kitchen machine again)
Little fingers helping

Now we are going to make the stew.

Melt the butter in a pan and stir the flour in (I have seaved the flour first to avoid lumps)
for 2 minutes.
Then pour half of the stock until you get a smooth sauce. Keep stirring, it's getting harder!
Then add the other half of the stock bit by bit, keep stirring.
Add the parsley and meat, keep stirring for another 2 minutes.
Season with a little nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Take a large bowl and add the mixture, which need to be cooled down before it has to go in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
If possible put the bowl outside if cold enough or indoors in the coolest part of the house (time saving).

When the mixture is cold and firm.

Mix 2 eggs with a little bit of water.
Put the breadcrumbs on a flat plate.
Cut the meat mixture in little rolls (kroketten) and roll through the breadcrumbs.
Then roll through the eggs and again through the breadcrumbs.

Heat fryer till 180 degrees and add maximum 4 kroketten at the same time, for about 4 minutes.
Serve on white loaf of bread with some mustard. Or as we did with chips.
The final result

The kroketten you don't use immediately, will freeze easily. When you fancy another kroket, put the frozen ones in the fryer, but on 150 degrees, otherwise it's hot outside but still cold inside.

Eet smakelijk!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Leek, Carrot and Potato soup

My husband has the name that he's a real soup liker, easy to please and winter soups are hearthy and easy to make. Today I have made a typical English one, but of course with my own twist. A generous portion for 4 persons.

Shopping list:
250 gr Leeks
300 gr Carrots
300 gr Potatos (I have used small ones, but any will do but as long as they are firm ones)
Vegetable stock (2 cubes or fresh)
50 gr Butter (real one is the best)
Ginger (little bit from root or use powder) *
Garlic (fresh or use powder) *
Fresh herbs (I had parsely and rosemary in garden, so I used that).

Wash and cut in slices the leeks, carrots and potatos.
Melt 50 gram butter in a pan
Add leeks and carrots and stirr regularly for 10 minutes
Then add about 1.5 liter vegetable stock
Add the potatos, the ginger and garlic
Bring it to the boil and lower the heat for about 20 minutes.
Add the fresh herbs
Within 5 minutes I've mashed the soup a bit with the mixer,
but I'd like to see some of the ingredients too in my bowl, so don't do it all.

* I found a ginger/garlic grinder; 2 in 1  but that's probably hard to find.

Garnish with fresh herbs and serve with Sigognaise bread (baguette will do)....
The Sigognaise bread you can only get at our local baker in Sigogne :-)

As you noticed I didn't add salt / pepper.... I'm not so fond of pepper and
with the stock cubes you have to becareful they are quite salty. Of course

it's up to you!