Monday, 26 March 2012

Disasters in the kitchen

Having read about all successes now there a 2 things happened that weren't so successful. Yesterday my husband and daughter decided -a bit late- to cook together for the family. When they finally got the menu sorted, the porc got out of the freezer and in need to be defrosted in the microwave. Darren arranged it but after half a minute, I heard the bleep and calling answer (later I understood that he was ironing). So I put another 30 seconds on the timer and still deep frozen, so I decided to give it some more minutes and yes guess what? The porc was almost cooked...yek so thrown away.  Luckily there was still 1 pizza left and a fish dish but it wasn't as good and/or as much as we thought.

Now today, I have learnt another lesson. Always and I mean always write down what you put in the freezer. I thought I would remember it....but....  As I prefer to eat fresh things, my freezer isn't that full, however, I was running very behind tonight and I thought oh this looks like soup and I had a whole loaf of French bread (bought too much for the guests today) so my meal was set.   Well when defrosting the lump of  ice (don't worry in a pan on the hob) and tasting it, I can't believe that I have frozen it, it's a sort of greasy stock that taste like nothing!