Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bruschettas with Prosciuto

The serrano ones are on the left
My husband Darren has made these bruschettas. We all know the ones with tomato and basil and mushrooms with garlic and red onions, but I have found one with prosciuto or serrano ham.

Shopping list:

Bruschetta bread or toasted baguette slices
Prosciuto or Serrano ham (good quality)
balsamico vinegar
Olive oil

Just cut the bread into pieces (ours were a bit large) and we have toasted them in the frying pan in olive oil, both sides just until crispy.

Cut the ham (ours did break apart very easily) and put it on the bruschetta

Add a drop of balsamico (we have used one with pear)
On top put some very finely cut parsley
And finally some grated fresh parmesan

Buon Appetito!