Monday, 14 March 2011

Amuse Buche variety

This is a variety I thought about myself. It doesn't have much to do with cooking but it's different to spoil your friends. There are lot's of possibilities for this 'apéro snack' and this was mine.

Shopping list:
1 Pack of Blini's
1 Pot of guacamole (or make it yourself when the avocado's are available)
1 Pot of aubergine mash
1 Pot of taramosalata (no typo here officially it's with an o).
100 Gram of serrano or parma ham

For garnishing I have used black olives (well to be precise I have used 1) and some parma ham. Just think what you have in your cupboard or fridge and use that (tomato, pepper, cucumber, herbs,....)

Toast the blini's in the toaster first. I have put the aubergine mash on top of a little bit of parma ham.

The picture tells you the story. Try it and your friends will be impressed.

Amuse Buche with salami

Our daughter worked hard in the kitchen as well on a Sunday morning and she created her own style of Amuse Buche with salami.

Shopping list:
1 Cucumber
1 Salami
1 Tin of black olives

The idea is to layer all the ingredients which need to have the same size to start with salami, cucumber, salami, olive.

Amuse Bouche with Salmon

It doesn't happen often that the whole Au Bellefleur team is working at the same time in the kitchen. But Sunday morning we all worked very hard on our own dishes.
Let's start with the Amuse Bouche with smoked salmon for 6 persons.

Attention: this dish has to refrigerate overnight.
Shopping list:
80-100 gr. smoked salmon
2 shallots
1 stick of celery
3 Table spoons of double cream
1 Lime (use half a lime)
(Sea) salt ...just a pinch
Cyenne or paprika powder (garnish)

In a food processor or blender just mix all ingredients, then transfer them to a small bowl, cover it and refrigerate overnight. This was the result!